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Yard Personnel

Mission Statement:

We strive to promote our customers’ successes with a safe, professional, and courteous approach by providing our services, equipment, and supplies.

Position Title:  Yard Personnel

Overview:  To provide and maintain a clean, safe, and professional yard.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Always provide excellent customer service in a polite professional manner.

  • Attend staff and departmental meetings on a scheduled basis.

  • Follow company policies and procedures.

  • Report all accidents, damages, safety violations and potential hazards to supervisor.

  • Comply with all governmental safety regulations.

  • Set and strive to reach departmental budgets and goals.

  • Network with professionals in our industry.

  • Adhere to company dress code as defined in Employee Manual.

  • Challenge the status quo and strive to make things better.

  • Assist staff and customers when complaints and emergencies arise.

  • Be able to back up other yard personnel performing their tasks as needed.

  • Follow the company schedule to ensure proper staffing.

  • Review departmental reports with Departmental Manager and appropriate staff as defined in Report Schedule.

  • Prioritize tasks, including pre-planning for the next day’s business.

  • Maintain one-year, five-year, and ten-year plans for your department.

  • Perform other duties as requested by supervisor.

  • Using tobacco in non-smoking areas or in clear view of a customer is prohibited.

Department Specific Tasks and Duties:

  • Be able to identify equipment by various names.  Know the operation of the equipment as to the application, capabilities, limitations, stopping, loading, unloading, and safety issues.  Use this knowledge to verify customer is renting correct equipment for the application.

  • Follow proper starting procedure/ safety inspection on all equipment.  Perform this in front of the customer to pass on this knowledge and ensure equipment is ready to rent.

  • Ensure all accessories are included in the rental and on the contract.

  • All customers must be shown proper and safe operating instructions/procedure on the equipment.

  • All orders must be loaded per the contract. If any changes or add-ons, please notate on paperwork and radio to the front counter explaining and verifying the corrections. Employee must sign off on all loaded items with date/time and initials. 

  • Assist customers in loading and unloading rental equipment. Use care to avoid damage to vehicle.  We offer free twine. Or for rent or sale we offer rope, chains and binders, and ratchet straps for securing loads. Remind the customer, it is their responsibility to check the load prior to transport. 

  • Check IN equipment upon return. Inspect for damages, missing items, cleanliness and any fuel needed. Fill out contract completely for all items returned. Date, Time, Hour Meter, Fuel, and Initials. If the customer does not have original copy of contract, fill out return slip with all pertinent information.   

  • For efficiency, simple returns may radio to the front counter.  

  • During busy times, or with complicated contracts with multiple items, the filling out of return slips will be required to ensure accuracy.  

  • If repairs or damage is present to rental equipment, notify shop manager. They will assess repairs needed and report to the front counter. 

  • Red tag damaged or equipment in need of repair. Initiate work order and turn into service department work order basket 

  • Organize and clean all equipment after each rental. Including the cleaning and chipping of Mixers, Changing of filters, oil, gas, and spray form oil when applicable. Test and ensure it works, tag equipment correctly and return to rental ready line. 

  • If fueling up anything over 5 gallons , bring to the fuel island for fuel.

  • When a trailer is returned. The yard employee should review the tires, and replace any with leaks. Repair and replace safety chains, hooks, and lights if needed.

  • Make deliveries and pickups of equipment as needed. 

  • Assist in stocking the yard.

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment. In the yard and your area of responsibility. ( AOR)

  • Ensure the South side equipment returns are put in the proper locations. Short term repairs are put int the Northwest corner, and long term are put in the lower yard. Immediate repairs are put on the slab or South side locations.

  • Pull equipment daily from the list the Small Shop Manager will provide of the next days items the mechanics need to work on. Place them on the concrete slab or the South Side

  • Fill propane cylinders. Training will be provided.

  • Load/assist in loading Midway vehicles for deliveries to customers.  Verify accuracy of orders being loaded.

  • Forklift, aerial lift, and fall protection training will be provided.

  • Report any safety concerns and questions to lead yard person.

  • Rotate stock by date code on product.

  • Mow grass and weeds on all Midway property.

  • Perform other duties as requested by supervisor.

Nature of the Work: The work is typically physical and demanding, requiring both 

                  strength and stamina. Janitorial/Yard responsibilities, both inside and outside

                  the premises. Train customers on the safe operation of equipment.

Working conditions: This position requires constant interaction with co-workers and the

                 public. Frequent lifting, bending, and transporting of objects of various sizes 

                 and weights. The majority of work is outside with varying weather conditions.

                 May have exposure to chemicals including, but not limited to gasoline, diesel 

                 fuel, propane, kerosene, and cleaning solvents.

Education, skills & Requirements:

  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED.

  • Must maintain a good attendance record.

  • Must be able to provide, understand and complete instructions furnished in written, oral or scheduled form.

  • Maintain a cooperative working relationship with co-workers.

  • Must have computer skills and a strong knowledge of Microsoft office.

  • Must have strong knowledge on smart phones.

  • Travel by vehicle/airplane is expected for educational seminars and trade shows.

  • Must be able to lift approximately 50lbs.

  • Must possess strong problem solving skills.

  • Must possess a chauffeur’s license and be able to pass a DOT physical.

  • Midway Aerial Work Platform and Forklift Licenses may be required.

  • Must be able to maintain a high degree of patience.

  • Must possess a keen attention to detail.

  • Must have a strong ability to multitask in a fast paced environment.

  • Must possess strong organizational skills.

  • Must possess strong leadership skills.

Reports to:  Yard Lead, Yard Manager