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Membership Value—In addition to networking value and all that locals do to educate and promote their members, remember this: state and national membership value is a lot more than discounts. Yes, you can save a ton of money (make money actually with our rebate program) with state and national programs. BUT, our true value is about having someone to help if you get into trouble with a MIOSHA or other regulatory agency. It is about having someone to help if you need assistance with a DEQ permit. It is about having someone to help with a local zoning ordinance or permit fee that you believe is unfair. It is about having someone to help if you can’t get prompt utility service to your worksite. It is about having someone to help when you need an expert legal opinion. It is about having someone to help you deal with problems you will eventually encounter as a businessperson in this industry. You can’t say when…but we can say those in the industry WILL eventually need such assistance. When this day comes, if you aren’t a member, it will cost you a whole lot more. You’ll pay an attorney or someone else who thinks they can help you…or you’ll roll over and pay the fine or jump thru needless hoops to get a permit or what have you. Pay now to be a member or pay a whole lot more later. You want the HBA team on your side. You need the HBA team on your side—to protect and advocate for you—not just your industry.

Bob Filka, CEO - Home Builders Association of Michigan

Bob Filka

CEO - Home Builders Association of Michigan

The HBA is a great way to get your name out to construction and related fields of construction management.  I have found this is the best way to build relationships with local businesses.  I now have the contacts to get answers for anything related to home construction, remodeling and other various related fields such as insurance.  The benefits of joining the HBA are countless from gas discounts to local business venue deals along with continued education training.  The HBA boasts a great way for contacting reputable businesses that have track records we can stand by.  When recommending to prospective customers moving to the area the HBA prides itself in a solid business base of members.  I can't imagine if I didn't join the association how I would conduct business as efficiently as I do today.

Chris Pesola

Custom Home Builder - Wausau Homes

I have been a member of the Home Builders Association for over 45 years of my professional career. I owe a large part of my success in the building and development business directly because of my involvement. The educational opportunities and business relationships at all three levels Local, State and National and in particular my willingness to consistently get involved, learn and make the best use of these opportunities is the primary reason I am a Member today.

LR Swadley, President - Swadley Development, . Marquette, MI

LR Swadley

President - Swadley Development, Marquette, MI

Aside from the great friendships that have been made, I appreciate being able to get together as a collective voice and make our concerns known. Years ago when I needed help with a Rental Code enforcement issue, Lee Schwartz from the MAHB was able to help get Henry Green, Executive Director, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth, flown up to Marquette for a deposition. With Lee and Henry’s knowledge and help, our business prevailed. I would never been able to fight this bureaucracy without the Home Builders Association.

Mark Curran


Being a member of the Home Builders Association has helped me stay connected to the building industry. Taking advantage of the countless education courses is reason enough to belong, however, networking with fellow members and helping with each other’s business is very rewarding. There is hardly a day that goes by where a fellow member can’t call upon another for advice or referral.

Tom Anderson

Owner - Window Outfitters