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HBA Membership is 3-in-1


This Membership & Benefits Guide should help you or your company’s decision-maker become aware of the benefits of an HBA membership. If you derive any or all of your sales volume from the building industry, this information should give you enough financial motivation to join right now. In order to understand your Return on Investment, you need to familiarize yourself with your membership. But remember, gaining new customers directly from your membership depends not on the association, but on you, your company’s offering and your ability to influence. You’ll get out of it, what you put into it.

DID YOU KNOW? Joining the Home Builders Association Of The Upper Peninsula (HBA), also makes you a member of the Home Builders Association of Michigan (HBAM), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), giving you all the benefits of a 3-in-1 membership.

Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula

Membership Pays

National Association of Home Builders

Member Discounts & Rebates

Do you buy gas, office supplies, building supplies, or computers, rent cards, send packages, or need insurance? Member discounts and rebate programs can put more cash back in your pocket, and can PAY for your membership. How much you save depends on which program you take advantage of.

Industry Specific Education

Your HBA has access to some of the top education programs in our industry that can help you train your staff and sales representatives. Whether its one or two classes on local building information or a full complement to achieve a building industry specific designation, your membership is the key. This education is offered to non members, but at a much higher rate.

Social Networking & Volunteerism

  • Habitat for Humanity House In a Day
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Electronic Newsletter
  • Do you do more than just attend events, do you interact with other members?

Plans Service

We offer large format printing, copying, electronically archiving and scanning. HBA members also receive a discount on all print orders.


  • This of us as your Legislative Watchdog. 80% of Associate members and their employers do not understand how the HBA’s fight for housing efforts have helped with their business opportunities. But this of it this way —if it affects Builders, it affects Associates.
  • NAHB Advocacy efforts saved over $6000 per housing start in 2013 on issues related to fire sprinkler systems, storm water regulations, insurance and more.
  • HBAM efforts have passed many laws over the last few years such as; Three-year statue of limitations on lawsuits against contractors, lower workers comp insurance costs, Repealed the Michigan Business Tax, Prohibit MIOSHA from imposing rules & regulations regarding workplace ergonomics.
  • Download the Power Point Presentation.
  • Print your Member Benefits Here

Exposure & Referrals

Of course the HBA promotes doing business with a member, to other members as well as to the general public. We assist in those efforts through referrals, using our website and member directory and, by offering free & low-cost advertising to our members.

Building Industry Information

Legal Tips and other resources are at members fingertips 24/7 through various websites, email newsletters and webinars. Informed members make better business decisions.