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Construction Project Manager / Estimator / Productivity Manager / Safety Officer

Apply by sending resume and cover letter to [email protected]premeauconstruction.com


The purpose of this position may vary depending on what level the candidate falls on the skill/experience spectrum of the ideal candidate skill sets as listed below. It can range from being an assistant/ intern to a full blown experienced estimator/project manager. Ideally the candidate would be willing to work either in the office or in the field depending upon market demand for our construction services.

Ideal Candidate:

The list below is the ideal candidate. Candidates do not need possess all or necessarily most of the skill sets as listed below. Depending on experience and ability the company can adjust and train the new candidate as required. The list does, however, give candidates an idea of what kind of work will be required and what kind of skill sets that will need to be learned. Of course the more of the skill sets and experience that match up the better. Many other factors will be considered besides the desired skill sets as listed below.

Computer Literate & Familiar or Proficient With:

  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Outlook/Email, Power Point;
  • Microsoft Project (Scheduling);
  • Chief Architect or Equal (CAD Software);
  • AUTOCAD Light (CAD Software);
  • QuickBooks or Other Bookkeeping Software;
  • PDF Programs Such As Adobe;
  • Google Chrome or Equal / Google Docs / Gmail / Google Earth / Etc.;
  • Ability to Install and Learn New Programs as Necessary;
  • Ability to Work on a Network in a Windows Environment.

Construction Industry Specific Experience:

  • Experience Working Hands-On Within Multiple Construction Trades (i.e. Carpentry, Masonry, Concrete, Site Work, Etc.);
  • Ability to Read and Understand Plans & Specifications;
  • Ability to Perform Estimate, or Take Off;
  • Familiarity or Knowledge of General Construction Contract Documents Such as Owner Contractor Agreements, Subcontractor Agreements, Purchase Orders, Proposals, Formal Bid Documents, & Change Orders;
  • Familiarity or Knowledge of MIOSHA / OSHA Safety Standards;
  • Familiarity or Knowledge of Construction Building Codes;
  • Familiarity or Knowledge of Construction Job Cost Accounting;
  • Familiarity or Knowledge of Construction Surveying & Layout;
  • Construction Design Experience.
  • Familiarity or Knowledge of Construction Scheduling (CPM Method)

Other Desired Attributes & Skill Sets:

  • Ability to Collaborate & Work Well With Others;
  • Valid Driver’s License;
  • Verbal & Written Communication skills;
  • Ability to do Math
  • Understanding Electronic & Hard Copy Filing & Information Storage;
  • Must be able to show up to work on time and stay required hours to complete project as needed. Average work day 8-4:30 with ½ hour lunch.

Work Activities:

  • Assist in Re-establishing and organizing Project Management Systems & Methods;
  • Update & Implement MIOSHA Safety Program & Documentation;
  • Assist in Re-establishing and organizing Estimating Systems & Methods;
  • Assist With Preparing & Submitting Estimates:
  • Assisting with Producing & Maintaining Contract Documents;
  • Procure Material & Subcontract Submittals & Contracts;
  • Assist in Preparation of Project Schedules;
  • Assist in Setting Up & Custom Home Sales Systems and Methods;
  • Assist in Production Productivity Management;
  • Greet & Assist With Customers & Potential Customers.


This position will be based out of our main office centrally located in Marquette, Michigan. It will be necessary to visit work and estimate sites throughout each day. It may also require working out of an office trailer on larger projects, or even working within the trades when times are slow.

A lot depends on the current skill sets and experience base of the candidate being considered.

Apply by sending resume and cover letter to [email protected]premeauconstruction.com